Founded in 2016 by Monti Landers, Riot Swim aims to be equal parts sexy & flattering. RIOT is beloved for it’s luxe meets minimalist vibe. We use buttery, soft fabrics and clean finishing to flatter any shape - and our ultra-sexy silhouettes are designed to make you stand out and feel your most confident. Riot Swim is a global destination for high quality, fashion-forward swimwear that can be worn season after season. 


At Riot Swim, we believe that coverage and confidence doesn't  have to be mutually exclusive. Our fabrics are designed to give you that second-skin feeling, like a sexy extension of your natural body. Our goal is for you to unapologetically wear our swimwear and not the other way around.

Our confidence as a brand is dependent on how confident you feel trying on one of our swimsuits in the mirror for the first time. We strive to remove that element of fear or hesitance that often comes with walking around in a bikini, so when we say #RelaxItsJustAss, we mean exactly that. There’s no such thing as showing too much or too little as long as our suits make you feel comfortable.

We make it a point to include our customers in the creative process before any new releases go live. With a distinct vision for the future of our company and the swimsuits you want to own for years to come, your feedback is such a fun part of our innovation process. From bold hues to soft neutrals to menswear, we continue to evolve making every piece better than the last, with your idea of a dream swimsuit at the forefront of our business model.

Multifunction, style, comfort, and design are just some of the core elements of Riot Swim. We pride ourselves on having pieces for everyone to enjoy regardless of skin tone, body type, size, or coverage preference. The of-the-moment styles available at Riot Swim are meant to carry you from one dreamy destination to the next, no passport required. When you’re ready to step into your most confident self, we’ll be here to take care of the apparel.

 -Founder, Monti Landers